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Insulation Services for Residential Buildings and Homes

Helping families in western and central Michigan keep their homes at the right temperature is a point of pride for us. We provide insulation services to a wide variety of residential spaces and residential buildings, including new and existing homes, condos and apartment buildings. Contact Airtight to get a free quote for your insulation job.

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Spray Foam Insulation and Injections Foam

Let us help you save  on your energy costs by sealing your home, building, or recreational room with airtight insulation. Our superior insulation product will give you a stronger, healthier, and more energy efficient home! In addition, our spray foam will help you reduce your carbon footprint and is soy based, allowing reductions in airborne noise, dust, and is a healthy choice for those who suffer from allergies, asthma or chemical sensitivity. Airtight Insulation is the smart choice for healthy living!


The benefits of foam insulation are becoming better known every day. Especially with rising fuel prices, increased heating and cooling costs, and the positive environmental impact of green building practices.


For some budget conscious or more difficult residential and commercial insulation jobs, a slightly different foam formulation and application process is growing in popularity. It is called Injection Foam Insulation, or sometimes referred to as Pour-in-Place Foam Insulation. Injection Foam Suppliers

Injection Foam

The Injection Foam method allows the consumer to benefit from foam insulation that is injected through a hole into the wall cavity, as opposed to being sprayed directly into open wall/stud cavities (new construction).


Injection Foam Insulation Benefits **


Is Not A Urea formaldehyde based foam

Environmentally Safe

Does Not Contain or Emit CFCA’s

Class 1 Building Material

Increases Fire Ratings

Zero Smoke Development

Excellent Noise Reduction

Excellent R-Value 5.1/in

Does Not Compress or Settle

No Thermal Degradation

The original Phenolic Based Cold Setting Foam Insulation

Adds value to your home

** Not all injection foam formulations are the same. These benefits may not be available with any and all supplier's injection foam systems. Always check woth your manufacturer/supplier.

Injection Foam Process

The material is delivered through small holes drilled through the outside of the building. It is pre-expanded to avoid damage from expansion, whereas sprayed in place foams typically expand anywhere from 30-100 times their liquid state.


Once the liquid foam is poured, or injected in place through the small drilled hole in the wall. It flows down the wall cavity to the floor, where it then begins to react and rise up to completely fill all the areas in the wall cavity. Watch Injection Foam Videos to see the process live.


Injection Foam is a great compliment to a spray foam operation, as it is often less expensive to install, and it can be used in certain jobs and areas where regular spray foam is not practical. Injection Foam is great for retrofit jobs requiring better insulation without removal of the existing interior or exterior wall sheathings

airtight offers insulation foam with our insulation services in grand rapids, michigan

Cellulose Insulation

On top of our superior spray foam insulation, we also offer high quality, eco-friendly premium cellulose insulation. Our cellulose insulation is superior in its performance, green in its manufacturing, and perfect for any residential building, walls, or attics. Cellulose is a great insulation product in both benefits and cost savings compared to traditional fiberglass. Cellulose is made of 80% post-consumer recycled newsprint. The fiber is chemically treated with a non-toxic borate to resist fire, insects, and mold. Food for thought: if all new homes were insulated with cellulose this would remove 3.2 million tons of newsprint from the nation's waste stream each year!

airtight insulation consultants will provide crawl space insulation in grand rapids, michigan.

Airtight Crawl Space System

At Airtight Insulation, we understand your home is one of your largest investments. We understand that you want to protect both your home and your family. That is why many homes that have dirt crawl spaces in them are a very bad idea. Due to Earth's high humidity in the soil, water vapors gets created and trapped into your home's crawl space. That vapor becomes polluted from your dirty crawl space and moves upward into your home's environment. A crawl space's damp environment is very unhealthy and destructive for your home and your family. Your home will be subjected to toxic mold, insects, rot, decay, and structural damage. These mold spores, bad odors, critters, and humidity also create an unhealthy environment for people. Many people are allergic to these things and experience a host of symptoms not realizing their home's crawl space is to blame! Due to this, we have created a solution to dirt crawl spaces; the Airtight Crawl Space System. Our crawl space system will encapsulate your crawl space with a moisture vapor barrier, we will eliminate crawl space vents, and provide crawl space insulation. We ensure your home stays and affordable, safe, and a healthy investment for both you and your family.

Before and After Showcase

We know that being GREEN is very important. Technological break- throughs in building products and home energy systems give today's homeowners new options when designing, building, or retro-fitting their homes. That is why we choose superior GREEN products for all of our insulation services.

Watch Airkrete resist fire and defy the odds

Airkrete is an amazing product. It is mold and fire resistant. In this video, you will see just how amazing Airkrete insulation is and why you should really consider having it installed into your home or business.

Cellulose: Fire Safe and Green

We don't want you to take our word for it on how cellulose is a great alternative. Especially being a GREEN product and fire safe, so we decided to show you this video instead.

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