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The Challenge: Create a Highly Durable Insulation

Recognizing the mandate for increasingly energy efficient building envelopes, air krete® scientists developed an insulation material unlike any other, to fulfill the high technical and environmental demands of our times. Airkrete is resistent to mold, fire and maintains a high insulation value for years.

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Airtight Insulation has the Solution!

• air krete is a thermally efficient and environmentally responsible, non-toxic insulation, which is easily foamed into open or closed cavities in walls, roofs and ceilings.


• At the time of application, its consistency is like shaving cream and after a few days, it hardens into stable foam to maintain long-lasting, high insulation value.


• Its basic raw materials components are air, water, and MGO cement, which when combined, create a cost-effective, safe and high performance product. Developed over 25 years ago, airkrete's efficiency is both time and test proven.


• Many clients, including the Audubon Society realize the outstanding technical and environmental qualities of airkrete®. The Audubon Society installed airkrete® in their Headquarters in New York City, a building, according to its architect, Randolph Croxton, that was designed to "create a model reduce both environmental and economic costs of buildings."

Airtight Insulation offers Airkrete and its Qualities

Test 1. air krete is the only insulation in the world that has the following qualities:

button air krete NEW High R Value of 6.0 per inch makes airkrete insulation the top competitor in insulations


Test 2. air krete insulation now has a 6 R value per inch, Air krete insualtion has a higher effective R Value due its ability to completly fill its cavity and O% Shrinkage.


Test 3. air krete Is Fire Proof and passed a 2 hour Fire Wall Test Modified ASTM E814/UL 1479



Test 4. air krete Is environmentally safe and non-toxic insulation. Free of CFC's & Formaldehyde HPMA .


Test 5. aiir krete Is mold resistant MOLD TEST


Test 6. air krete Is pest resistant because Air Krete has a deoiling/drying effect on the pests.


Test 7a. air krete Completely Fills ALL Cavities Including Door and Window Casings. Aiir krete Has 0% Shrinkage in wall cavities . (TEST ASTM C951)


Test 8. air krete acts like a blanket that deadens noise from outside the house. Neil Young Sound Studios in Santa Cruz and Musicians Institute in Hollywood CA used AirKrete for this purpose.


Test 9. air krete Floats in water and will dry out after being submerged. AirKrete will actually shed the water and in a short period of time and returns to its normal, pre-immersion state.

Airkrete Insulation Benefits

1. air krete® Insulation sample was resistant to mold growth at both 75% and 95% relative humidities. Neither molds were found to amplify in the materials at either humidity.



2. air krete®, over time, maintains a very high insulation value. (R = 6)


3. air krete® seals very effectively around the edges from infiltrating air.



4. air krete® does not expand, shrink or settle and is 100% cavity filling. It fills around and behind any obstructions and crevices. ( Dimensional stability- ASTM C 951: zero shrinkage)


5. air krete® does not inflict damage to environment or man. Material is non-toxic, does not create any ozone-depleting CFC’s and does not contain any formaldehyde or carcinogenic fibers.



6. air krete® does not burn and does not release any smoke and is also used as fire-stop material. ( ASTM E 84: 0- flame spread, 0- fuel contribution, 0- smoke-Test extended to 30 minutes with no further flame progression)


7. air krete® has a de-oiling effect and deters any rodents or insects.



8. air krete® is fully recyclable and can be used to enrich soil.


9. air krete® is very flexible and adaptable in its use in wall, roof and ceiling cavities in new or old construction.



10. air krete® is very cost-effective.


11. air krete® has the ability to absorb moisture without loss of insulation value. It therefore tempers and regulates indoor air humidity and enhances healthy and comfortable air quality.



12. air krete® is also a soundproofing material and used very effectively in interior sound partitions. In encasing plumbing pipes, water noises are very effectively reduced.


13. Because air krete® is Magnesium Oxide (MGO), a refractory cement it is ideal for high temperature applications

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